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PhoneSTRAP by Fleshlight

The PhoneStrap™ is designed to secure your smartphone or mini tablet to your leg to provide easy viewing of the screen or use of the webcam while completely freeing up your hands.

We're serious when we challenge our users to "Dare to Fantasize™." But that's not easy to do when you're juggling your smartphone or tablet. That's why we created the PhoneStrap™.

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Fleshlight Phonestrap Free your Hands

How it Works


    The PhoneStrap™ can be used to...

  • Discreetly watch the game without having to hold or prop up your phone.
  • Keep your phone or mini tablet handy as a "second screen" while watching TV.
  • Video chat with your partner from a more suggestive angle that can show more than your face.
  • Free your hands to use other Fleshlight® products while enjoying entertainment on your device.

"My hands are totally free to do whatever I need! It is really one of those products where you are like, “Why didn’t I think of this?” The PhoneStrap gives me the ability to multi-task at a new level. Definitely keeping this close at all times. Very Cool Product!"JT

"Holy hell! Those mad geniuses at Fleshlight have done it again. Never again will I have to erect a leaning tower of toiletries just to get my wank on. I mean seriously this thing is exactly what I never knew I needed. The only thing I have to say is thank you!"CaptainBeefStik

"I'm really digging my new PhoneStrap for watching TV and chatting with friends on social media at the same time! At work, I can watch the ball game discreetly with my headphones on. I even made dinner with a recipe strapped to my leg the other night. haha"Rich

What you get


PhoneStrap™ Clip

The Clip is designed to secure your smartphone or mini tablet to your leg to provide easy viewing of your mobile device.


Clip Extender

The Clip Extender helps you secure your phone or mini tablet up to 5.5" wide.


Adjustable Strap

Made of a thin neoprene material for enhanced comfort, it's fully adjustable up to 25.5" around with hook and loop fasteners on each end to make it easy to cinch to your leg.

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